CANARI Scientists Begin Analysis of the HadGEM3 Large Ensemble

Production of the CANARI large ensemble has progressed well since the start of 2023. The first half of the dataset – 40 members of historical simulation covering 1950-2015 – is almost complete, forming the first Single-Model Initial Condition Large Ensemble (SMILE) based on the UK Met Office Climate Model (HadGEM3) at N216 atmospheric resolution. Production of the second half of the dataset – 40 members of future projections out to 2100 – will begin over the coming months.

To kick-start analysis of the new data, CANARI is holding a coding “sprint” during March 4-8, 2024. The week will see a concerted effort from scientists across CANARI to take a first look at the new data, share best practices for data management and analysis, and initiate novel collaborations between the NERC Research Centres.

Interested in getting involved? Contact the sprint coordinator, Jenny Mecking (


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